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Liguria has a geography that spreads from the Alps, through valleys and hills to the shores of the sea and represents a compendium of history, uses, customs, traditions and legends and quality of life: speaking about Liguria in culinary terms means talking of wines and oils, produced from the vineyards and olive groves that cover the hills, enjoying the pleasant sea breeze.

The courses of our restaurants propose everything the area offers as raw materials, not to mention what comes from a history of trade and contacts with distant peoples. Here is the triumph of fish and vegetables, on their own or matched like nowhere else in stews, soups or processed into typical salted pies. But here it is possible to find also sour and other flavors that cross the Mediterranean from Spain to Sicily and the Middle East.

Inland the mountain economy is much more secluded and the flavors are those of the country: here we have meats, especially those of the rabbit and poultry, and the fragrances you catch are those of mushrooms and truffles.

It is then in tribute to these simple and authentic flavors that our Grande Carte, following the changes of the seasons, updates continuously maintaining constantly the relationship with the products of the land.